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Introducing $TOWELIE

We are gonna get .... we mean go ..... so HIGH!!

Finally, a memecoin that will take you higher than any of the others. You will have no idea what's going on so get ready to dive into the best memecoin around.....don't forget to bring a towel!


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Towel just wants to know one thing.....​YOU WANNA GET HIGH??​We are going to be the highest of all the flash in the pan memecoins. Get in early if you want to get as high as possible! But that doesn't mean we are gonna be one and sir....this will be the kind of high that stays with you like the really dank stuff. After minting we will create the liquidity pool, set aside funds for future DEX/CEX liquidity and then renounce ownership of the contract to make this a true community-driven effort. Join the highest community-led token around and get your $TOWELIE ready!

Where Can You Get $TOWELIE

Well not Bed Bath & Beyond that's for sure! RIP BB&BHowever, you can get it by following a few simple steps. Remember though this coin is mean to just get high and for fun only and investing in any asset always carries risk. Do your research first. Enough about all that, check out how to get some $TOWELIE below!

1 - Get Yourself a Wallet

If you are looking at $TOWELIE we bet you already have a preferred wallet like metamask. So use that or download one from your app provider. If you use a PC then get the wallet extension from the provider online, like


We aren't telling you anything you don't know already but indulge us. Transfer some ETH from your giant bag to your wallet. You will use this to swap for $TOWELIE. Don't have any ETH....then buy some directly from metamask, coinbase, etc or from your buddy with the giant bag and have it transferred to your wallet.


Last step, again a no-brainer for most, swap your ETH for $TOWELIE and get ready to get HIGHER than you ever have been before!

Contract address 0xEeB85772E1C7f98E8Cd9eF8E467ADA397323Bb77


Connect that wallet to Uniswap (assuming that this is already done for most). Get the $TOWELIE token address and paste it into Uniswap, select Towelie, and then confirm. Then follow the steps to add the $TOWELIE token to your wallet.

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Token Supply: 420,420,420,420

The numbers are as simple so we will keep it short. 85% of the supply will go to the liquidity pool, 10% will be held back for future CEX/DEX listings (we know they want to get high too) and the last 3% will be donated to a deserving marijuana legalization foundation to be determined later by a community vote on Telegram. That leaves 2% which we would also put to a vote to the community to decide if the Towelie team is deserving of 1-2% to fund future help, design, marketing, etc..


$TOWELIE coin has no association with Southpark or Towelie or his friends or family or any other towels living, dead, or inanimate. This token is just trying to get us all as high as possible and using the image of Towelie as a much loved 100% cotton stoner. $TOWELIE is a meme coin with no intrinsic value or expectation of financial return. There is no formal team or roadmap other than that which we will forge as time goes on as a community.


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